If a guy tries to make you feel bad for not hanging out with him, is it friendly or flirty?

Guy asked me to hang out, said I was busy. Made me feel bad about it.


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  • it depends on previous conditions. was he being friendly or dropping in little flirts here and there beforehand. if he has a crush on you then its flirty, but if he just wants to hang out as friends then its friendly

    • Do you mean before he asked me to hang out? or just in general?

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    • No, he wasn't

    • Probably friendly then. cause I do the same thing to friends, ill give them a hard time for not being able to hang out

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  • I'd say it's flirty. If he really didn't care then he wouldn't have tried to make you feel bad.

  • emotional black mail... not flirting...

    • Emotional black mail?

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