#POLL Did she take it as a rejection? Do girls do this kind of stuff? Guys and Girls help me?

There is super gorgeous girl in my office who is so beautiful , she can get any guy she wants.

- She made eye contact with me and also did a bit of flirting by hitting me by accident with her purse.

- I did not make a move.
- Now she looks at me, and when I catch her she immediately looks away, and she talks on the phone infront of me , I dont know what is she trying to show?
- She still opens her hair infront of me to look attractive.

What is her deal? pls help me.

  • She felt rejected coz u did not make a move after she gave u signs, she is showing u that she has other guys too in her life, she likes u thats why she still looks at u. she still wants your attention.
  • She actually found a new boyfriend. you are out.
  • Other. (please explain in comments)
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What Girls Said 2

  • She likes you! You make her insecure 😊

    • by the way when you do ask her out, tell her she's beautiful, it will help combat her insecurity and like you even more.

    • thnx a ton, so should i ask her out?

    • Yes you should before someone else does!

  • Opens her hair?

    • I mean she comes with a pony tail but when she knows im looking at her, she opens them up and she looks so cute with those long open hair

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    • R u sure she likes me? i dont wana look fool and desperate and clingy

    • Mmhmm

What Guys Said 1

  • Man up and go talk to her before someone else does. She is obviously in to you.