I told my best friend's boyfriend that she was cheating on him. Did I do the right thing?

My best friend is dating this guy who really really likes her. She was sexting another guy behind his back. The other guy was also a close friend of mine. I couldn't help but tell the guy because I couldn't stand the idea of her hurting him and I knew that if it was me I'd want to know. Did I do the right thing?


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  • ummm yes you did the right thing, but that's definitely going to affect your relationship with you Best friend. She's going to be pissed for sure when she finds out that you were the ONE

    • She did find out that's the problem

    • She was going to eventually, These types of things always come out in the open. Now you need to deal with all the shit storm that comes along your way. I mean if she was your BFF then you might have just lost her. You should have confronted her before taking these steps. Now you've got to make it up to her and that is going to be really difficult.

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  • Of course your friendship with her will be in jeopardy, but I believe you did the right thing. You saved somebody heartache and time.


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  • You don't need best friends that cheat. Some of it will rub off on you. Not the cheating, but being given a label, by association.

    I don't normally advise telling tales on cheaters, but it happened. The danger for you is getting a name for stirring trouble. Either way, not an enviable situation for you.


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  • Yes you did. Just be prepared to not have a best friend.