Should I tell him I like him?

Hi guys, so I met this guy online, he asked me out on the first date and it went great, I went back to his place and we kissed and stuff but NO sex, then I slept over at his place. However after that, he didn't initiate to talk to me or ask me out again, so I took the courage to initiate convos with him (several times a week), he always replies to my message fast and with decent info about his work/life. Then after 2 weeks of the first date, we managed to have another date and it was more like a hang out, where we mostly talked about work (we had a lot to talk about work since we do the same job) and our opinions of generic things (nothing romantic).
As much as I know about him, he's a very busy guy, he focuses a lot on work and his hobbies, he has a lot of guy friends but vey few female friends, his last relationship was in 2013 and he doesn't seem to be thinking much about a relationship atm (that's what I assume since he spends lots of time on working and he doesn't see girls very often). And so far, we only flirted and did romantic things on the first date (mostly happened because I was overly flirty, he didn't try to be flirty), since that we haven't talked about anything relating to dating at all. But the truth is I really do like him and I want to date him, I don't know how to tell him tho since I'm not sure who he's treating me as (not like a friend, but not like a date either). I plan to ask him out for the third date and then tell him about my feelings but I don't know to put it with him, I don't wanna scare him away. Do you guys think I should tell him I wanna date him? And how should I tell him that? Thank u.


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  • What does his online profile say? Maybe he's too busy for anything serious but only way to find out is to ask.

    • We met on okcupid, he says he's looking for friends, new people to meet, hang out with and have fun, which I only partly believe in that cause he already has a decent friends network, and why would he go on a dating site like okcupid to only find friends..

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    • I agree with u, that could be a possibility, I think I'll have to ask him about that and if he would like to date me. Do u think it can be too much? since I've only known him for less than a month and we dont text a whole lot.

    • Less than a month is too soon and more than 3 months is too long, wait til you're close to 2 months. If you're good enough in bed he probably won't want to give that pussy up yet (sorry best way I could put that)

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  • Just ask him if he has ever considered the possibility of you two dating each other.

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