How do I make my boyfriend jealous on instagram?

Normally I wouldn't even try, but I have my reasons this time, anyways I just wanna know some ideas or whatever that y'all have


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  • Why must you try to make him jealous?

    Let me tell you trying to make a guy jealous on purpose is a very dangerous mind game and there is a very high chance of this backfiring on you. Ok, what if you try this and he decides to break up with you because you tried to make him jealous? what will you do then?

    Trying to make a jealous will most probably fail, it will certainly not work on all type of guys. If he is a guy of character and high morals then it will surely not work on him. A guy like that will surely break up with you. Hence you only have a 5% chance of success with this tactic.

    Let me tell you that most guys will not deal with this emotions, they will not deal with a woman who tries to make them jealous on purpose, they will not waste their time on such a woman who uses immature tactics and mind games to get the attention of the guy. They would rather go for a woman who will never play these mind games on them, who will never play hard to get. A woman who would be mature.

    Moreover you thinking of trying to make him jealous only indicates that you want him attention so it indicates you are an attention seeker which is not a good quality to have at all. I am not saying that you shouldn't seek attention from your boyfriend but what I am saying is this is an immature and childish way to seek someone's attention.

    Hence if you try to make your boyfriend jealous then be prepared for the consequences, and most likely the consequences will not be in your favor. Be prepared for that.

    Lastly I would suggest please don't try to make him jealous. If you are having some problem with them, then deal with it directly and maturely, talk to him, confront him. Communication is the key to successful relationships

    Even after that if he is not talking to you or communicating with you, then you can break up with him, that option is always there.


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  • Simple. Don't.


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  • post a picture of you with a new Xbox One and PS4.

    • Don't try to make him jealous by flirting with other people. That will definitely ruin your relationship. There would always be trust issues that keep getting brought up, even years later.

      But you having something you know he wants works. Then when you make up, you could give it to him as a present if he is good to you.

  • Post some slutty pics.

  • Flirt with other boys

  • jealousy is for the immature. oh wait, just saw your age, nvm


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