I'm technically competing against two other guys for a girl that seems interested in me, but I'm afraid that I'll mess things up. What do I do?

Okay, so let me give you a bit of a backstory:

Abour two weeks ago, I met this amazing girl. We'd actually been following each other for a few months on Instagram, but we'd never met in person. Prior to our meeting, she'd been told by one of our mutual friends that we'd be good for each other, so there was bit of an interest from the start. Two weeks ago, we happened to be at the same event. In hopes of potentially getting us together, our friends arranged for her and me to meet one another. Honestly, I think it went well, but - like a complete fool - I forgot to ask her for her number. However, she asked our mutual friend to give me hers in hopes that I would text her; I did. It's seemed to go really well, and we've even talked about that interest she's showed, but we haven't really expounded upon it. Now, here's for the issue: she has a past with a guy that she's been friends with for years. Though he's head-over-heels for her, she's told him that nothing could happen between them. In addition to that, one of my best friends now has an interest in her; I don't think he's really talked to her much though. On paper, I feel like I should be happy (considering that she actually expressed interest in me; that we've been talking; and that we've even talked about her wanting to meet me), but I'm a little nervous. Without sounding like a pretentious douche, I'll say that I think I'm a nice, attractive, smart guy, but I'm just a little afraid that I'll screw things up. I honestly really like this girl, but I just don't know how to carry things out. I'm only seventeen, so it probably wouldn't be the end of the world if things didn't work out, but this is the first girl I've actually felt like I'd want to pursue a legitimate relationship with. Texting has been going well, but I just don't want to bore her or let the conversation become monotonous. Thanks.


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  • You won't screw things up. She has an obvious interest towards her. Go get her, tiger. Have you asked her out yet?


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  • Eliminate the competition

    • Easier said than done: both guys are smart, attractive, and seem like good matches for her. From an outsider's perspective, we're probably all even competitors. As of now, I have the edge, but I don't know how to take them out of the running. What're you suggesting I do?

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  • It's good that you're nervous. It shows that you really want this to work. It also sounds like if this were a race you'd be winning it. I think she wants a relationship because she's clearly interested in you and not her ex. With your best friend, you'll just have to be careful. If you do end up with her don't flaunt it but don't keep it a secret either. But I say go for it


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