Why is it so hard to get a date or meet people these days compared to 10-15 years ago?

I've been out of the dating scene for about 7 years and had a bad break up with my ex about 3 years ago. I decided to give dating a try about 2 years ago but no success not even able to have a decent conversation without a woman ghosting on me. So prolly out of messaging roughly 50-60 women in the past two years roughly 5 have answered but that's it? And those 5 have just disappeared for no reason? I've never in my life found dating and meeting people so hard I'm 37 and a good looking man so I'm told I'm very confident around women and I'm very comfortable talking to women. I'm financially secure and have so much to offer in a relationship but women just don't seem interested anymore. In person I've found most women very hard to approach through body language facial expressions etc and when I have approached I've been blown off on a simple hello I'm... I'm almost ready to just give up and go my own way and not worry about it but it does get lonely sometimes. So in all my question is what has changed in society in the last decade while I was living under a rock in my last relationship. Cause from memory it was never like this.


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  • I haven't read your post, but this is my opinion:

    I think now with the Internet people have too many options.

    It almost has the opposite effect of them not even wanting to try with someone because there might be someone better out there. So they don't date at all.

    • Fair enough even though I've always thought that having options would make it easier to find the right person but now see that that's not true. Even if there's better out there I don't understand the rudeness and lack of respect but times are changing I suppose.

    • You know I think the lack of respect thing is true not just about dating it's about people's relationships with each other.

      Now because everyone has a chance of attaining education, too many comparisons are mad which weren't before. Before it was a job is a job is a job ideology, now it's like... this guy (or girl) is not good enough because this other guy/girl has this much education more etc.

      It's ridiculous. Sometimes I feel with our generation's mentality, there will be no relationships in coming years just a whole lot of acquaintanceships that people will have where everyone uses the other.

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  • for one, unless you're successful, around 37 is where the options are just grim.

    secondly, social media... and feminism... everything.

    • I am pretty successful in my own mind and I'm happy. I just don't understand why I've heard lady's say wish there was a good man out there for me then they blow off all the good men that approach them then cry out afterwards where are all the good men? It boggles' me?

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  • social media has the side effect of people not meeting each other because:
    *staying at home is comfortable
    *too many options - can pick and choose; something better will come along
    *people looking down at their phone or their head in earphones when going out - don't pay attention to surroundings

    • i also think for a guy your age, unless you're willing to date someone a lot younger, the pool is simply smaller

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  • Feminism made if harder

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