Do girls prefer a belly or sixpack?

So I was in the marines and got out and since then I have gained quite a tummy. I was just wondering do girls prefer a guy with a six pack or flat stomach? Or do girls prefer a guy with a pudgy belly?

Lol so the pudgy belly isn't popular I see
Yea a lot more girls came up to me when u was in the marine corps and had a six pack. Now that I have he extra 30 pounds and my tummy kinda hangs over I'll be honest 0 girls come up to me at all lol.


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  • If you are giving me a choice than of course I am picking the six pack. :) How often do I get the six pack, not very often sad to say. :( lol!

    A woman's attraction to a man has more to do with how we see you than what you actually look like. More poundage is not really a big issue for us. It can be but most likely it won't be.

    I would suspect that a man having more weight than fit is a young woman's concern but won't be for a woman 25 or older or so. I guess on the age but the older a woman gets probably the less concern she has for a fit guy.

    • Actually I feel like older girls more prefer the six pack I used to go to this bar called j charters and a lot of older woman used to come up to me. 30 pounds later 0 woman come up to me lol

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    • I wish I could show u a pic

    • U know your right I notice once u grow the belly it kind of continues to grow on its own very easily

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  • Many girls prefer moderate six pack with visible muscle tone. They don't like jacked abs or fat bellies.


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