Help with my next move?

So, I've recently started "dating" this guy. I put quotes on that because the few times we've gone out, he's picked me up, taken me out and paid for it all, not to mention there's been undeniable chemistry. On our last date, he even suggested we become a bit more exclusive, as in only dating eachother. My issue is communication. I've had to reach out first almost each time we've hung out. Beyond that, we don't talk at all. No texts, calls, nothing. Tomorrow we are supposed to go out, but I don't want to ask about it. I'd rather wait to see if he does.
my major question is, does anyone have a clue where his heads at? What do these actions mean? Please help.


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  • Your issue is communication, but you don't want to communicate -_- this makes zero sense. What's the point of being in a relationship if you aren't able to discuss everything with the person? Bear in my mind that not everyone wants to talk to their spouse 24/7. All you gotta do is ask and you'll find out your answer.

    • I guess my issue is that he never asks me to hang out, I'm always the one initiating it, which I dislike. I should probably ask why, but I am nervous as to how it would look for me..

  • You didn't give him that Snapchat of your pussy

  • I think its important to stipulate exactly what you want and expect from him. Don't wait for him to lead the way and decide" what, when and where "
    Be more assertive by being vocal about how you feel and what YOU want. It seems as though he's in control of how things progress between you

    Personally I wouldn't feel close to a guy if we never conversed via texting or phone calls. I need daily contact with him so we can get to know each other more. That way we'll become closer

    • Thanks for you opinion! I really want to do this right and not make the wrong move since this is pretty new. I'm tired of having to always initiate our hang-outs, so I'll definitely have to make that clear..