It can't happen right now but it's too good to throw away. I won't put my life on hold, but is it ever worth waiting?

Started a job in April just after I went through a break up. Someone at work caught my eye, but I ignored it - wasn't looking for anything. However, we started to talk. Fast forward a month & he added me on Facebook. Days later he messaged me, we talked for a while. Our conversations became more frequent, we found we have a lot in common, particularly our sense of humour. We get on really well. I've never met anyone who can keep me talking for hours. After a couple of weeks, he asked me on a date. I was hesitant, but had nothing to lose. We decided go for drinks so went to a local bar - conversation flowed smoothly, we laughed and just enjoyed each other's company. We stayed out late & got a bit drunk (not wasted, just merry). Eventually he kissed me & I was blown away. The rest of the night consisted of silly dancing, hand holding & laughter. He asked if I'd had a nice time & if I'd like to do it again. I said yes. After that night, we still talked but something was different. I brushed it off.

Someone else from work had a party, we both went. It was good to see my colleagues out of work, but towards the end of the night I had a panic attack. I went out to get fresh air, he followed & took me on a walk to calm me down. We talked it out & I explained why it had happened. He was there for me without being judgmental. As we walked, he started talking about how compatible we are, how great we are together, then confessed that he likes me but got out of a relationship earlier this year & can't commit right now. I told him about my break up. We continued to walk & talk, he then stopped. I asked why. He said 'I can't explain, it's just you' & then he proceeded to kiss me. He's always the one to initiate contact.

I understand his situation, I'm in a similar boat, but don't know what to do. I do like him and wouldn't rule out the possibility of something happening in future. Right now we've agreed to be friends (no benefits). Work isn't awkward, things stayed the same.

Earlier this week I decided minimise contact (at work and online) as I felt it would be better for the both of us, but he has continued to initiate conversations with me. He messaged me as soon as we finished work asking when he'd next see me there. I'm happy to talk to him, but it's puzzling that he pursued me, told me he wasn't ready, and has now gone back to talking a lot. He may not mean anything by it so I daren't ask just yet. Do I just wait and see how things pan out?


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  • Take it day by day. See where it leads. It may go nowhere, but again, it might. Who knows.

    If someone else does turn up, you can make a decision on what you want then.


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  • I think none of you should date for a while. Both of you need to get over your last relationship before attempting to date.