Guys, Confused.. so there's this guy... what does he want?

I am a confident girl, sometimes way too confident and straight foward. So there is this guy at my previous job who kept staring and me, liked me on a dating app and started texting hi, how are you. ... but nothing more. At work he ignored me as if he doesn't even know me. So i added him on fb, he pretended he did not know who i was, then quickly somehow remembered... tried texting him to keep the conversation, maybe he's shy... he texted me a couple of times asking me what plans i had that day, but never actually asked me out. So on my last day at work, he texted me in the middle of the night that he is "sad" i left and that we should meet up soon. I asked why, he said he likes me. So after that i was mainly the one to text first... even asked when is that "soon", even asked him out myself, but he said he was lazy... wtf? We keep texting... i am the one texting first though... feel so annoyed... wtf should i do? If i don't text, he does not text me first. But when i do, we have a nice chat, he understands a joke. But i start hating him more than like him. I feel like i want to kill the bastard. Any advise? Thank you.


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  • He seems to like you but doesn't seem like he wants to put effort into dating you or getting to know you, just ignore him, you should probably get checked out for anger issues if this made you hate him or want to kill him though, can be aggravating but damn

    • Well, it's not HATE hate... but i feel like i'm doing all the effort to talk to him... he keeps the conversation flowing.. but never starts it.
      i like him really, but at the same time i feel like he is too kind to say that he's not interested? At the same time, why would he keep flirting and talk about getting to know me and that he wants to see me "soon".

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    • Thanks. I feel the same. .

    • No problem, but yeah I'd just try to move on, he obviously doesn't care enough to try and make it work, even if he says he wants to know you or likes ya. Good luck. <3

  • He's shy, but you seem crazy if you want to kill him over this