Why does he want me to apply where he works?

I was at my favorite bakery that I go to several times a week. One of the employees told me they are hiring in another month and a half and I should apply there because I go there so often. I looked up the job online, and it requires a college degree. I might have been look at the wrong job or he thinks I graduated college. Which is fine people think I am slightly older than I really am. He's a geek like me and he comments on the geek clothing I wear. Like my Ravenclaw scarf or my game of thrones t shirt. There was a bit of an awkward moment today because I caught him looking at my boobs but he quickly looked away, he then said if I had a question he will answer it but he just needed to go to the back of the bakery for something. I didn't want leave because he would be confused as to why I left if I had a question, so I waited until he came back so I could clarify I had no question, I was just looking at the pastries.



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