Is he playing games or what?! help PLEASE

ok so this guy who I've mentioned before on very confusing! and I don't know but I think he's just playing games or leading me on or something but I'm not positive. like he says really nice things and says oh I wish you were with me, or I want to hang out.but today we were texting and I asked what he was doing and he said nothing and I was like that sounds really fun and he's like only if you were here and I was like is that rite.we could hang out if you really wanted to and he puts I know, I'm just too lazy.i think its bs how he says all that crap but never acts on is he playing games or leading me on?

well just forget this douchebag.he totally played me


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  • "we could hang out if you really wanted to" and his response was "I KNOW?!?! I'm just too LAZY"?!?! So he's saying that he can hang out with you if HE wanted to. He's not sincere. Sounds like a wannabe badass to me. Please don't waste your time with this jerk.


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  • He sounds like he wants you to be the one to initiate. He sends the signals that he is interested in you and when he suggests something for a potential date, he says that he is TOO LAZY. To me, that is a load of bull. The only way you are going to find out what really is going on is to take him up on his subtle offer, to play his game. Be the one to say "wish you were here" and the like.


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