Is there such thing as guys not wanting to get involved with a woman because she looks like a "heartbreaker" and she's "too much" work to keep?

I'm wondering if these are just words or lines, but I've had many guys tell me I'm a heartbreaker or look like one, and that it would be stupid, "shooting themselves in the foot" stupid to start anything with me. The arrogant, or players are what I have after my tail frequently, but then the actual nice and quieter guys I'm interested in, probably less "lady killers" in terms of looks, never take me seriously. I'm not an annoying dumb attractive woman either. I'm intelligent and fun to be around. I don't see why I keep failing with the guys I go after. I don't mind taking initiative either, actually I usually do when I find a guy I actually like. My type is always the quieter reserved, spends most time alone, type of guy. And they show me interest but never take it further, or give me really bad mixed signals or go extremely slow to the point where I take it as disinterest. Is there such thing as being too attractive for some guys? Like they think you're just on some power trip and will like them for a couple of weeks then trash them? Because I had one guy tell me we shouldn't continue talking because I would just fall out of feeling after a couple of weeks anyways. (He did come back a month later and has been after me ever since, but I didn't give him a chance because I thought what he said and thought was very shallow).

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  • its not your looks its your actions with them. guys know girls WILL like them for a couple of weeks then trash/ditch them. you have to prove it your not going to, and when a girl gives up on a guy just for saying that, thats proof she will ditch him.


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  • I think they are just rejecting you in a kind way. They aren't afraid that you are too attractive. There is something else that is putting them off. Sometimes guys just feel that because of a woman's intelligence or drive she will eventually outgrow them.

  • yup.


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