Did he get scared or just lost his interest?

I have been casually dating this guy for several months. We have seen each other only few times because we live far away from each other and I was abroad a long time. However we have been talking almost daily. Before we started dating I knew him a year through my work so he is not a total stranger. At the beginning he used to pursue me a lot and even suggested that maybe I could come to spend time to his place. I refused and said that I need to get to know him better before I could do that. He agreed and we continued to getting to know each other and when I was away he wanted to talk to me a lot and waited for me to come back. I thought he really wasn't so interested in me in the beginning and that he only wanted to sleep with me... but as the time passed he told me he really likes me and feels somehow shy around me and he is usually really confident guy... So after we met last time he suggested again that maybe it could be a time for me to come to his place (he was talking about dinner if it has any matter..) and this time I agreed, I thought that maybe he has waited long enough and I really like him... however when we started to make plans for our night he went silent. He still answers my messages but if I ask when he wants to hang out he says he is really busy right this moment... I don't understand anything anymore... did he somehow get scared or for some reason lost his interest? I think that if he is a player of some sort he would have eagerly let me come to his place and then stopped contacting me after we have been sleeping together but it is not a case here... And any ideas what I should do? Right now I decided to give him space and not confront him anyhow...


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  • you are an option.
    don't put all your apple in one basket. he is dating other peop;le...

    to annon...

    no one is too busy for love.

    my ex. was very busy and took every opportunity to contact me.
    we used to talk/text thourhgout the day...

  • Or maybe he really is busy and you're overreacting