Is it fine to immediately jump into the dating game after this type of relationship?

My ex ghosted me because he only wanted to sleep with me, so when we did he basically cut off all contact with me. Many lies were told in this short fit of passion of a couple of weeks and it is pretty painful, as dumb as it sounds.
Well it's been a week since the initial ditching, and I've been of course flirting around with guys again. And I landed 2 dates. Im pretty excited since these guys seem infinitely better than the one who broke my heart like that.
But at the same time I can't seem to shake off the idea that they might do the same to me like my ex. I think it's an irrational fear because of my bad experience in my last relationship. And these potential dates seem very legitimate wanting to know me better and actually seems like they're giving a crap when planning the dates.
should I just say "to hell with it" cause I deserve someone better or should I wait a bit longer before I start dating again?

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  • Sorry bout your ex. He's a douche, better off without him. Now, that's why it's good to take things slow. Hold off on anything sexual for at while. Test him to really be sure he wants you. Not just wanting sex. If they start talking sexual early on, I think you'll have a good idea of their intent.


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  • Wait a bit longer...


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