She rejected me?

so I've been friends with this girl who I had feelings for but also thought that she had feelings for me. I asked her out, and she didn't know she said, and when I asked her about how she felt, she said she doesn't like me in that way. she's still talking to me, and told me that I'm major in her life and although we're getting closer, I feel heartbroken because she doesn't like me. will I ever be able to ask her out? I really love her.


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  • She's not ready right now to date you. And although you are heartbroken, I feel that maybe depending on how long you known each other is a bit too fast for her. Let her make connections with you first and then perhaps you can give it another go. At least she was honest about it so you can't blame. But if this is too much for you, then you need to find somebody else you can date. Sorry you got regretted. But as I said give her time. It sounds like a bit too sudden. One question or two I do need to ask: 1. What were your intentions before you two became friends, and 2. How long have you two known each other and are friends?

    • well we never met with any love kind of intentions. but we began to talk online. there were nights we'd just talk, create our own little world. we were so tight, so connected and I always felt that she had feelings for me just as I did. but it was all a delusion.
      we've known each other for about a year.

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    • it ain't online mate, yeah most of the times we do talk online, but she lives close by so we meet up like once in a while but that is also because both of us have runny schedules.

    • @Asker Then she is definitely not ready for that or a relationship.

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  • It happens things like these, more often than we would ever want it to happen. Since she knows your feelings the ball is in her court now and you should step back and wait until she makes the next move. I know how you feel the same thing happening to me, but if you're really good friends, for now just try to see her like she's just a friend and not a crush. It'll be difficult, but I'm sure you can do it.

    • i'll try
      but she felt bad after about the rejection and wants to remain friends. I okayed to that but i'm not really happy and i'm not really actively talking to her. i'm so hurt but i'm wearing a fake smile.

    • You are under no obligation to remain friends with her too, just remember that. Sometimes it might be too difficult to remain friends with someone who rejected you and that's okay. so if you don't want to keep actively interacting with her, then slowly start to talk less and less, it'll be easier for the both of you.

    • on my part, things are improving, and it's also that she makes me feel good about myself so i'm going to stick around

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