I've been dating a guy for a little over a month and I'm not sure if he's an actual space case or he just doesn't care?

Hello, I've been dating this guy for a little over a month now. Be both have busy schedules so we don't see each other much (which I like a lot actually) but a lot of times he will cancel plans last minute for family affairs (dinners and such which I understand) but it's always last minute. The last time we spoke about the relationship he told me to stop reading things online and to pay attention to his actions and not texts or what Google says. When I'm with him, he treats me very nicely and will always be the first to hold my hand. But the fact that he pften cancels plans with me last minute makes me wonder... He's a forgetful person or he's scared of making me mad or just straight up doesn't care about me. He just came back from a 5 day camping trip (which we didn't speak to each other at all) and were supposed to see each other tonight but again cancelled last minute for a dinner he had with his aunt who just came back from Spain. I'm cool with him cancelling for other things, I understand that I'm not his universe but when he does it's always last minute and then I have to struggle to make new plans. We've talked about this before, but I mean if he wasn't interested in me anymore, wouldn't he just stop talking to me altogether? Anyways I could use some advice. I'm person or when I do get to see him he's very caring and sweet but whem we're not, I don't know how to feel. I really would like a relationship with him we have a lot in common. I guess I'm only feeling insecure because I don't know where this relationship is headed, if I did I would be fine with him cancelling on me. I want to talk to him about all this but I'm scared of scaring him. I asked him last Friday if he still liked me and he said of course I still like you. So I don't want to bring it up again and annoy him. Pls help

Edit: he's the always the first to hold hands and kiss when I see him.


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  • Flaking last minute gets old after the first time. I wouldn't really put up with that shit, last minute goes above and beyond full-retard. Yeah I dunno, if someone can't call or text, you tend to get the obvious feeling of 'this isn't working'. You've told him you read stuff online or what? If he's cancelling last second, isn't talking to you (the camping trip isn't THAAAT bad) in general, may be best to move on. Don't search for something that will never be there.

    • I'll talk to him tomorrow about it.

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  • I see your predicament. I would try asking him directly about it without being rude. Just tell him "I wish you didn't cancel last minute on me as much" or "I wish you had more time for me" and just express your feelings as directly as possible. Or ask him how he sees the relationship or where he wants it to go