22 years old and haven't talked to a girl in 3 years. How to get over my anxiety?

Had a bad break up in college sophomore year. Went into a depression and got super fat and then lost a lot of the weight in a year. I'm still a little chunky but way more attractive than I used to be. I'm tall, decent looking and am funny. It's been 3 years since the break up and I haven't talked to a single girl, haven't been hit on, haven't flirted, haven't kissed, haven't got a number and haven't even texted with a girl. I don't even have a girl that's my friend that I can talk to or text. I've been out to bars and party's many many times and still no luck. You could say I haven't really tried to talk to girls and I have really bad anxiety when talking to them. I get awkward, quiet, and my voice trembles. How can I get over this anxiety? How do I talk to girls and not make it awkward? It's been 3 years and I feel so lonely.


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  • Hey! :)
    Everyone has experienced getting nervous around opposite sex, the best way to get over is to approach girls, smile often, joke around them, sometimes joke even about your awkwardness.
    Just say "Today I will flirt with some hotties", start it in casual places, flirt with girl you meet in the lift, that girl who stands in front of you in the queue, girl in your class or at work. Just start it and you'll feel that you are improving your skills with women and you'll be less and less awkward.
    Give yourself small tasks and do them with small steps.
    Every road starts with small steps you know.
    Tell yourself that you can still do it, cause you are man and no matter you feel nervous around them or not, there are women who will like you.
    If you need to talk message me and I'll try to help you to get over your problem :)
    Good luck

    • And don't be afraid to rejection, I know it is easy to say.
      But you will never become a good swimmer if you are afraid of swimming right?
      Some girls will flirt back others not but be proud of yourself that you took an action, that you were brave enough to try.
      If you lose you'll get at least experience and -1 girl, who probably is not worth of you.
      Don't feel insecure if you have no body of super model, right girl will like you the way you are and others who don't aren't worth of your attention and you should even be thankful if they reject you, seriously :D
      Be optimistic, life has way more light shades than we think.
      And do it, get a girl, flirt with her, then one day kiss her accidentally, she'll like it even if she says that she doesn't.
      Be spontaneous and funny.
      You are the only one in the world, there are no other guys like you, just believe in your powers ;)

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  • I am virgin and never had girlfriend for 22 years...


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  • Would you like a girl to talk to and be friends with? I'm always up for a chat.

    • Follow me and message me if you want to talk. 😊 all good if you don't

  • Seek professional help. Admitting that you have a challenge is the hardest step.


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