What would you think if you were me?

I've known this guy for two years now, we were absolutely amazing at first. Then he got cold, we were great, it felt like we've known each other for a long time even if it was just a few weeks. We swapped I love you's and almost immediately, he told me he didn't want to he responsible for breaking me. I asked him why and he didn't have an answer at first but he told me he was too broken then it was I'm in love with someone else. I kept asking still and he just revolved around those two answers. I eventually stopped. Awhile passed and he kept trying to reach me for months but I didn't know, when I finally got ahold of him, he seemed hurt. Emotionally and physically then we stopped talking again. Then after a few months had passed, and I tried finding someone else but i couldn't find anyone that would keep him off my mind so I stopped. A few days ago, he got ahold of me. He said he's been trying for awhile but I changed my number so he couldn't find me.
What was all of that for? What is he doing to me? What would think if you were me? I'm sorry this was long.


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  • It's hard because I'm not you but I'm very decisive about what I want and what I don't want and assuming I was a girl and I was in your position I would assume that this guy really doesn't know what he wants in life and I wouldn't really find that attractive. I'd be annoyed that he wasn't open about the fact that he was in love with someone else initially and I'd move on.

    The thing is if he's trying to contact you now, what could it be for? Has he had some mind breaking realization that he doesn't actually love the other person and he loves you instead? In which case what has happened that would cause that, all you've done is stop reaching out to him... How can that make you love someone? OR does he now miss the attention you gave him and after realizing this other person he apparently loves is never going to work out, he's now trying to contact you. I don't know.. I'm just guessing, but those would be my thoughts.


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  • If you like him, try to find out if he's resolved his problem yet, and if he's 'unbroken' now!

    But I'd be careful. He might always say he is broken.. just to get sympathy


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  • Well I've had this happen to me twice with the same guy and he ended up being a sociopath, lol not to scare you. He's just got a lot of hurt and built up insecurities, another girl has probably told him all these horrible things and that no one will ever love him. I think he really does want you to see the good side of him but it could be tough cause he's started off weak. As a young guy you want to be strong and alpha so his ego is damaged. But talk to him and really try to think and be like a guy. Be soft and don't judge. Things like that are confusing but we are all human. I'd think he needs a hug.

    • I don't think you mean an actual sociopath lol just unemotional maybe?

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    • I'm sorry if I'm coming off as rude but a 'sociopath' is no longer a mental illness, it was replaced by anti-social disorder. It's very rare to get a diagnosis anyway because no good therapist would make such a rash diagnosis. If he was diagnosed with it, he probably would've gone to a 'special school' or would have been home-schooled. I've dealt with many mentally ill people and the ones who say they have something and has done solid research, has a clear view of what they're like, knows they fit in the criteria should and would probably have been to a therapist. Ones who doesn't have a diagnosis and hasn't done research but claims to have a disorder usually do have a mental disorder but it's usually not the one they say.