How would you feel if a stranger approached you and asked you out?

I was meant to put this question for girls by the way, forgot to change it


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  • If it was a guy: be a bit flattered, and a bit freaked out. Politely decline, since I don't even know him?
    If it was a girl: be really freaking flattered, and a bit freaked out. Politely decline, and ask her for her number hahaha

    • Why would you decline for the girl if you asked for her number?

    • Because I don't know anything about her, but I'd ask her number to get to know her better :D

  • It depends, if its a guy I have never laid eyes on before I would be a bit weary. If it was a guy I see regularly but don't know, and we have both 'noticed' each other I would be more open to it. Just never approach a girl from behind or if she has not noticed you or looks like she doesn't want to be bothered. Try and catch her eye, smile and try and assess if she is open to being approached first. I had a guy approach me from behind out of no where on a busy street recently and I was not expecting it so I probably came off as incredibly rude by saying "sorry" and carried on walking when he told me he just wanted to tell me I looked nice... he may have been genuine but for all I know he could have just been trying to sell me something.

  • Happens to me at least once a week. I work in a place where I meet new people on a daily base. I'm already used to it and try to let them down easily since I'm already married 😊


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