What to text my crush? please HELP?

I want to text my crush but don't want to be boring. She doesn't know I like her, but I think she might like me. She never texts first cause she is shy. What should I text her. Give me the exact text in ", because I'm not good at texting please. Thanks for all the Help!!😀 We are in 10th grade by the way.


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  • Do u have any classes together?

    • Yes, two in the middle of the day, and two in the end of the day

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    • She's a cheerleader, but I can't say that every day. What would you like a boy that you aren't dating, or that hasn't told you he likes you, to send you? What text would you like to get?

    • I'd like to get a text asking how I was doing or just generally asking about something in my life.

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