What do guys who are too nice do?

Like if we can't get girls?

Thanks for opinions


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  • Could it be, like someone else said, that you're just physically unappealing? Do you look scrawny, nerdy-like? I'm not saying that you shouldn't change the way you look, becuase I'm usually all up for being who you are and not changing for other people. However, I've noticed the way you talk to other people in this question, and you come off as getting to the point of becoming desperate, or not being able to hang out much longer. Your tone is very self-conscious. Anytime people give you advice, you always have an excuse. But this, But that. I don't know, But this, etc... Girls can sniff out when a guy is nervous and shy, and they might not think you'll be a person to contribute much to a relationship.

    Hit the gym, bulk up. Experience with hairstyles (let your hair grow out), mix and match clothes and other ideas. It could just be that you don't physically attract them. If you want attraction, then maybe you gotta do something different.

    Also, you're between the ages of 18-24. You are still very young. Be patient. If you turn into a jerk, you will attract the wrong girls and girls that don't respect themselves. Those are not relationships that will last long anyway.

    • https://imgur.com/IqFsHz3 Am I that unappealing

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    • Then practice in the mirror.

    • I try but it seems forced

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  • It's not because you're "too nice", why do guys think this is a reason? Lmao you're probably creepy or physically unappealing

    • This. you're nice to cover up something. If you meant what you did and said, women would find you attractive

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    • Stop caring. If you die alone at least you lived with self respect

    • https://imgur.com/oU3YNZ8 I'm really not trying to bring down my self esteem but I don't believe it's my looks

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  • The "niceness" isn't stopping these guys from getting girls. They need to be more bold, and flirt more often, and ask girls out instead of waiting for a "perfect moment" that ins't going to happen.

    • Well I have no game

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    • this is a good answer-this IS a confidence thing. I'm not a very good looking man and I get a lot of women-why? Because I expect to lol. I am pretty confident, especially sexually and am just very easy to talk to and can warm them up-even if they friendzone me... I still get with them within a month or two. Don't be afraid to up the stakes, touching them. If she says her neck hurts, say "here, let me help" and start touching her nicely. If you smell her perfume, lean in close to her neck and breathe on her neck and then say "your perfume smells good" etc... don't be afraid-drive the fucking car man... if you wait for her to wave you in, she likely never will. Serious-it's all in your power. Also, I'm not great looking but I DO have a lot of style, I DO take a lot of pride in myself, etc... if YOU think you're the shit, so will she-whoever she is.

    • @feminismisnarcissism dude I have tried that approach and just get laughed at

  • Keep trying and never turn into a douche

    • It's getting hard

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    • I'm willing to take advice

    • Then get off of the thread and take my advice.