How do I know he loves me still?

We've been dating for a year.. we've had plenty of ups and downs and both made our share of mistakes.. he use to always want my affection, and made sure that he showed his. lately he's a little distance, his friends are becoming a priority, and well I have 2 kids he's helping me raise so sometimes I get overly jealous.. I'll admit that. I don't want to define myself as clingy because that's definitely not it. I don't call him all the time and bug him when he's out with his friends or whatever.. I just miss him all the time, I'm so in love with him.. and he's either with his friends, at work, or home entertaining himself only. we've been living together for 6 months now, and we use to be spending as much time together as possible, and now it's an argument just to get attention. I don't know if he's just getting burnt out or if he has someone else.. I'm confused! help!


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  • realtionship status changes, not dating anymore, comfy donesnt need to give as much attentoin


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  • Why don't you just save yourself all the agony of wondering and just sit your boyfriend down and ask him how he feels about your relationship? Tell him that between the kids, work, and friends that you feel like you don't really see him much anymore and that you miss him. Tell him that you feel like the communication has fizzled out in your relationship and that you really want to get things back on track. Ask him how he's been feeling about living with you and if there is anything that he wants to discuss.

    That should get a dialogue going and make it easier for you both to put all your problems out on the table. Once you do that, you two can come to a better arrangement as to how you can communicate with one another better and spend more quality time together.

    • I've talked to him plenty of times he jujst always says, I love you I want you.. that's it.. so I don't know.. then he says things are going to be different and he just doesn't do anything.

    • Well, if he says he'll change things and nothing ever does change, then it sounds like you need to make a decision as to whether or not you want to be with a man who just can't come through for you.

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