Is my boyfriend mad at me?

Okay so this sounds like a really dumb question, but I'm kind of freaking out a little. So just a little while ago, I said my boyfriend, is the best boyfriend ever, & he said "thanks😉" I said "you're welcome Ig" bc I was kind of upset that he didn't say anything sweet back to me. And so we got to talking and I said he was acting "different" & he didn't seem mad at me. But I kind of got freaked out during our conversation, bc I took something the wrong way by accident. And he told me what he actually meant by what he said (I'm not going to go into detail about what it was) but I said "oh" and he said "yeah gosh" & now I'm worried that he's mad at me.

He said he'd text me tomorrow, bc he didn't feel good. But I really don't want him to be mad at me. Does he sound mad? I know I didn't give much to go off of but I wanted to make this shorter.

I'm trying to be the best girlfriend I can be so I try to make him happy & not make him mad. And I've also been waiting to date this guy for months & now it's hard to believe that I'm actually dating him & that he likes me since I've waited for so long.

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  • No he's not mad at me


What Girls Said 1

  • Who gives a flyin FUK. He can go die if he gets all feminine over nothing.