How would you like a guy to approach you in school?

If a guy had a crush on you and you didn't know him, how would you like said guy to approach you and start talking to you?
if possible could you list these three examples?
1. He's in your class. But doesn't sit near you.
2. He sits next to you.
3. You have no classes together but he sees you in the hallway.

this is for high school by the way.


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. Since you don't know her or sit near her, the best option would be to get put into a group with her for an activity, then sit next to her, make small talk with her to befriend her, and exchange phone numbers so you both can start texting.
    2. Ask her if she feels ready for the test in there. If she says yes, or anything indicating she doesn't think the test will be a big deal, then she's probably not interested in you. If she says no, then you can say "me either" and then "you think we can exchange numbers? In case I got a question over the weekend lol" then you two can start texting.
    3. This is difficult. Bump into her when you walk by, nothing major, but just let your shoulder bump her's or something and then say "sorry." And she'll probably say "no worries!" Make sure you make eye contact. And then I'd try to sit next to her at lunch and just say "hey, how you doing?"


What Girls Said 1

  • Just talk to me for all three.