Why does his group of friends stare at me? Does he like me or what?

This guys been talking to me all summer and whenever I asked him what he wanted out of what we were he said that he "didn't know". Every morning him and his friends turn and look at me for a good minute and it looks like he's smiling, once he turns around his friends continue to take peaks of me occasionally. When I asked him if he talks about me to them, he said no and then accused me of talking about him to mine. I told him I never have (really haven't) and then he was like "Awh damn). One morning I was walking with a guy friend and he was in front of me and one of his friends pushed him towards me, he turned around, said hey, and gave me a high five. When I asked him about why he didn't talk to me he said that my guy friend was "all over me" and he "couldn't" stop me from what I wanted. He wasn't even all over me, we were walking in a crowded hallway. He then asked me if my guy friend was "competition". I don't understand him at all.


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  • He likes u totally and he is crushing on u. He talks about u with his friends obviously cuz they look at u so that means they are talking about u. He said aww damn when u told him u do not talk about him to your friends. He got jealous of your guy friend and asked if he was competition which implies that he wants to date u but does not want anyone else liking u.

  • It means he has mentioned you to his friends.