Girl says she will let you know if she'll be free for a date, is tihs a letdown?

A girl was heavely flirting with me at work, one day (I left that job) she contacted me on fb and told me she misses me at work and again gave me some compliments etc. Being a good guy I am, I asked to take her to a food she loves, she said she'd like that and I proposed it to be yesterday, she told me she will let me know if she's free. Still haven't heard from her. Was it an easy letdown or wtf?

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  • Not entirely. But that means she's not interested in you, but will consider going out with you later when she has nothing better to do, none of her friends are available, and she's really bored. Do you really want her to exploit you to ameliorate her own boredom?

    I would just walk away if I were you. Have some self respect.

    • I have chosen to move on, just wanted to make sure it's the right decision. In her defense she does have shitty shedule this week, but at least she could have told me no.

    • You made the right decision. If she was really into you, she would make schedule for you no matter how busy she is. If she calls back, just kindly decline her.

  • yeah it was