Should I go to prom?

I have a great group of friends, but with the issue of prom they are split. One of my really good girl friends really wants us to go to prom because she has a boyfriend. My other friend thinks we should do something special, but not go to prom because she doesn't have a date. I don't have a date so I was on board with this idea, but I also want to go to prom, but I want a date if I go. I know some people say you don't need a date, but at my school everyone gets a date. Should I go to prom?

It is my Senior prom. The problem with going with a group of friends is that most of them are couples. The ones that are not couples are going to a show. I want to go to prom, but I want a date since I don't want to be the third wheel.


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  • I didn't go to any of my proms and I don't really regret it. I know it's probably more special for girls than for guys. The only reason I had any desire to go at all was to go with the girl I liked. Is it senior prom or junior prom? If it's junior then forget it and go do something else, if it's senior then go with a group of friends and have a fun time. I skipped homecoming once to go to a foo fighters concert with some friends and I definitely think I made the right choice.

    • Well either try and get a date, or don't go. I think you'll have fun either way.

  • Rent a date...


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