Going from really good to nearly over?

Hey! so I've been dating this girl for 8 weeks now. She's about 21 years old and im 26. she lives around 1.5 driving hour away. im a very good looking guy with high confidence, She is a short girl who also looks good and she's very independent compared to other girls in her age.

We decided to travel togheter to Poland because both of our friends bailed out on our current vacation very recently.

i had no expectations at all, i was just preparing to have a lot of fun on this trip. i noticed a lot of signs from her that she started to like me a lot more and it kept increasing rapitly as the time went on, from her holding my hand constantly to cuddling abd having sex (first time we had sex was on this trip) and i could just tell she was soo into me, this didn't bother me until the last day when she decided to hold my hand for the entire car ride home (4 hours) and kept saying she wished this trip never ended & that she couldnt think of how it is to sleep without me.

So this is when all just turned upside down. After this she just got insanly cold.

Next day i wrote godmorning as usual and she replied pretty fast but no questions or nothing so i again waited to see if she writes something during the day, which she didn't so i called her. the duration of the call was only 1min because she had to hang up because she was spending time with her friend.

Next day i wrote again godmorning, she didn't reply for 8 hours. she never waited this long before. and her excuse was "ohh sorry i missed that you wrote hehe" and i replied shortly after " hey there flash" and she replied "haha indeed" so this was the big sign for me to back off, so now its been 3 days without talking

The trip was wonderful nothing went bad, how can something go from soo good to this? is she afraid of not being able to control her feelings? or is she testing me if she pulls back, will i fight for her to see if im not another player who clicks "next"? im soo confused right now.


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  • She either found something you did during the trip a deal breaker or she simply got bored and lost interest.

    If you like her, give it another shot. Or confront her about it. For all we know, she may just be dealing with something. At least then , things will be clearer

    • Thats the thing, if i did something that bothered her that much, how come her feelings escaleted during the trip? with initiating holding my hand, giving me more random kisses and hugs, cuddling before sleep. and most ironicly how she smiled when her mom asked if she was inlove (talking to her mom on speaker when i drove the car) now this i dont understand..

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    • im so confused and full of mixed emotions right now.. i have no problem just walking away but i forgot my passport at her place...

    • Then you are meant to reach out and see her. You will be fine. Maybe this will give you a clearer view point of how things are between the two of you. ;)

      Good luck 👍🏾

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  • Isn't this how life is? One day your all fine and dandy and the next your lying in bed dying. Don't know what the deal with her is, sounds rather odd to be honest and there is probably more then meets the eye.

    In all logic you could try and fight for her, I would often say fuck it, trow in the towel and go my marry way since the other person seemed to have lost interest in me or started some twisted mind games.

    You know I had my mom cry to me about this guys she used to date in the past, guys who were serious about her and wanted to be with her, her being young and stupid he rejected there feelings and now that she's 45 she's crying about how much stupid choices she made and how many good guys she lost. Woman are amazing creatures. I learned web development and coding which require intense logic but I been never quite understood female logic when it comes to choosing who they will stay with. It sad but most woman deny guys that they later want back realizing the mistake they made.


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  • I think you should just ask her about it and see what the dealio is

    • If i ask her i become needy and push her further away (happened a couple of times with other girls), i just want to give her the space she wants to sort out her thoughts but at the same time i dont want her feelings to fade away during this "space time"

    • Potentially but at least you'll get to know what's going on in her brain rather than trying to guess all the time. And then overthinking everything :( I wish everyone could just be more honest with everyone :(:(

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