How to get Asian Girls attention?

Hello, I am 24...

I am super attracted to Asian Women, but I struggle to get their attention...

I am not racist or anything, I like all girls but I just would like to do better with Asian Girls.

I see girls of other races checking me out, making eye contact, flirting, small talking, etc.

But Asian girls don't even look my eye, I could be staring at them for a minute, walk past them a few times, even say something to them, and they won't even notice... Like they didn't hear me... It's weird...

Is there something I can do to enhance myself to get their attention?

Facial hair? Clothing type? Money?

Or am I doomed for just being Indian? Maybe Asian girls just don't like Indian guys?

How do I get their attention?

"American Asian"

The girls born and raised in North America...


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  • If they don't pay attention to you, its by choice. Its intentional. They are often amongst their own nationality of people, and often don't want to risk in 'interracial dating' because of culture, tradition and family. They are very deeply rooted in that. So unless an Asian woman shows genuine interest, no. They may get judged or ridiculed by their own culture of people if they are not open-minded. That applies to all Asian nationalities. Some don't even want to be friends with you. Stereotypes are often the reason for this.

    Asian women like who they like. But if they personality don't like YOU they won;t bother. Especially if you don't have certain traits physically that attracts them. I always attract Asian men, Caucasian men, mixed ethnic men, Italian, and so forth. Also attitude and how you carry yourself says a lot as well. And I don't even have a lot of things to even attract them anyway. I don't even purposely do it, nor want any kind of attention. I just get it no matter what I don't like. So like I said, its just you. It matter what you do to enhance yourself. They often stick to their own race/ethnicity of people unless they don't follow tradition and culturally rules. PERIOD. What you want isn't what your going to need, and what you need isn't all the time going to be what you want. That's just life. Perhaps one day somebody may be interested. But Often times for the things you ask about:

    Facial hair? Clothing type? Money?

    Are girls who are only interested for those things, not you and use you to get that from you until their bored. So unless your that desperate and don't care who uses you for money, your living in a fantasy. The reality is your not attractive to them.

    • Wow! Amazing Post!

      You are Asian I take it?

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    • Well if you are dark skinned, Asian girls aren't into that. They like white skinned guys. Hell, if aliens were white, Asian girls would probably fuck them too.

    • Okay I see, It really sucks... I wish Asian girls were attracted to me :(

      But they don't like me because of my skin...

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  • Have you tried talking to them? I've never had any trouble getting Asian women, but maybe that's because I'm tall and thin. If you look at YouTube videos about what kind of men Asian women prefer it's usually a tall, slender or athletic guy. If you don't fall into that category you might have some trouble.

    • Which Youtube videos are you talking about?

      I can literally walk up to an Asian girl, be right in front of her, and say ask a question...

      Wherever we are something about food, weather, etc... And sadly a lot of times they don't even realize I am talking to them It's rather strange... At first I thought, okay maybe they ignore me, but that is not the case... They just don't acknowledge my presence...

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    • Short is not the problem. The problem is that he is brown.

    • I am 6 foot 2,

      I am "South Asian" anyways, so we share a lot of the same culture as the Asian Girls anyway...

      I think it's just because I am brown skinned... :(

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  • where I live the American Asians tend to stick with their own people
    otherwise, just approach them like you would a non-asian

  • Asian girls like usually fairskinned people they are obsessed with whit white guys so there's really small chance to date an indian.
    Also it's a minority that is into interracial relationships

    • The majority of Americanized Asian girls I know have white fever.

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  • Asian women are very easy to approach. learn about their culture, they are always extremely impressed when a "round eye" knows about their culture-get to where you can tell them apart (ie Chinese from Japanese, from Korean, etc.) and learn some simple phrases in each like "thank you" "Domo Arigato Gozaimas" for example. or "Hajimemashite" thank you very much and nice to meet you respectively. It's pretty easy to get their attention by simply being interested and polite to them-theyre not used to that from Americans lol

    • also this DOES assume you mean actually Asian. vs. American Asian. If they're Americans-the same would possibly annoy them as they prefer to be American in culture and hear the shit I'm talking about at home... thus a no-no

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    • My wife is Pinay. 'nuff said.

    • @WHITE_GUY no not enough said, not a bit. either you have something useful to add or you're a common troll... 3rd time is the charm Geritol

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