A month after she told me she cheated on me, she texted me during NC?

Ex and I of 3 years broke up 7 months ago, she jumped into a relationship a week later (moved in with him, blocked me off everything, etc). Last month was my bday and she texted me HB I told her thank you. She told me she was proud of how good I was doing, all positive stuff. Then 2 days later out the blue she texted me in the most ugliest way saying "she cheated on me twice yada yada" and that's when I stuck to my goal and went Heavy NC.

so a month go by of NC and she texted me "can I talk to you about something". I don't reply, but I did go see if she posted something on social media and bingo her and her boyfriend broke up and all of his friends and friends girlfriend was saying how they hated her and yada yada.

its not business and I'm not getting in the middle of it because I've felt so much better lately that whatever drama she brought to herself that's her.

she left me the guy who loved her with everything

for a guy who just emotional abuse her


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  • Ignore it. Continue NC


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  • So my question to you is what are you looking/asking for. Do you want me to say that you should just ignore her and forget about all that shit and not get involved or are you asking whether or not you should talk to her maybe even after all she has done?