How do people meet the right person?

Assuming everyone is like me, I'm very picky. I have a certain kind of girl in mind when I think of one I would like to date. But some people it's like they're just lucky or have always known someone that they've liked and it's all just worked out.

I was never popular with girls. Maybe looking back, I could've had a chance with a couple of attractive girls back in HS, but I was very shy and scared of attempting a relationship. I don't know. Now I am older, don't have any experience but it's something I really should be looking for. But some people just luck out. That's the best I can describe it. It's like when two people are made for each other, despite a list of requirements. How do I get lucky and find that? Many others seem to, why is it so hard for me?


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  • Maybe its because you're specific looking for a girl which makes it harder to find one, there are a lot nice girls out there and I'm sure you could find one but if you are just looking for 1 thing it can take you forever. Just hit up some girls & see whatever happens.


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  • Love is like dog shit. You know it's somewhere out there and you can go around the yard looking for it and you may or may not ever find it. But the freshest best stinkiest dog shit you usually just step in by complete accident and don't even notice it at first. The best way to find that special person is just to go out and live life and do the things you love and are passionate about. There's a good chance while you're doing that you'll run into that person while you're just living it.


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  • I think people take chances and never give up, you can be picky but don't reject everyone's who's not perfect enough


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