What the f**k do I do in this situation?

I work with this extremely cute girl at a grocery store. I don't know if she's single or not. I don't know much about her besides the fact that she likes the same music I do.

Whenever I get the chance to attempt to talk to her, we both get busy with another customer / order. The thing is though, she talks to literally everyone but me.
I'd carry back a couple of groceries that people didn't want / couldn't afford / etc. and I'd look in her direction and see her staring at me for a split second then turn the other way within 1 second.

I haven't been the creepy, staring, weird guy. I haven't stalked her social media stuff, hell I don't even use social media. The one time I actually got to talk to her was when I started out and I introduced myself to her. "Hey I'm new here. My name's Kevin. How long have you worked here?" And then we somehow got onto the topic of a Marilyn Manson concert my sisters were going to. That's how I found the common music interest.

I'm probably just reading into this stuff too much and it's taking its on me.

Any advice from anyone on here is much appreciated.

Thanks, Kevin.

EDIT: it's taking its toll on me.

Also, how could I initiate a conversation with her when we're usually busy for the entire shift.

I'm also only 19 years old and have had 2 serious relationships (2 years, and 1 year about); both involved a sexual experience, if that's relevant.

Is it inexperience from being a former (yet still having Vietnam flashbacks) shy guy? I used to fear rejection until I visited a counselor to get help for being the shy, creepy, inexperienced guy.

Thanks, Kevin.


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  • Just Food for Thought here, dear. Being you Have already Talked to her about Something of Interest, Suggest in a Friendly way of Hanging out after the doors close and ask hr if that might be Something she Would Want to do?
    I believe that she might be wanting you to ask her to to Hang out, and being Coworkers do this Many times when the doors close after Five, just a Suggestion... Ask her to Jive. I see no big Deal and it might be the Best from the Rest thing to do Being you Never seem to get the Time down the Customer Line.
    Good luck. xx


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  • It's pretty easy!..
    I younger me used to run away!. The new me has multiple tricks up his sleeve!..
    My favorite is - I take a Wingman friend and approch her saying!.. 'Hi!.. Me and my buddy here placed a bet as we were testing our guessing power!.. I know it's not right!.. Not to objectify you but!.. My friend here doesn't thinks you have a boyfriend!.. While I on the other hand think!.. You are cute and Gorgeous!.. And are currently in a relationship!.. We both have already bet on our instincts!.. Now we are waiting for a true concluding result from you that will decide who won the bet!.. ' - at the same time we take out a 10INR note and are waiting for her result...
    Next move if she says she is taken and in happy relationship!.. Then I loose the bet.. And leave with regrets about everything
    But if she says she is single!.. I win I am happy about winning!.. I act happy... In a way to thank her I ask her name!.. Let her know my name!.. And then a handshake!.. Thanking her!.. And if she smiles and is okay!.. With me the last move ( SPECIAL *) before the handshake breaks slowing bring her hand a little up and go a but down and kiss her hand!.. ( back of her hand) then stick around!.. Or leave and know when you will meet her next!..

    That is my game what is yours


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  • Dude this is pretty damn close to how my crush on my current crush started.
    Just talk to her as much as possible! That's all you need to do right now.