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I was talking to this guys for like to months we messed around a couple time i was hanging out with him and i got upset over something he did and i was getting my stuff ready to leave he was tryna talk to me and i was ignoring him so he shut the door and went in the house about 5 mins later i called his phone and he ignoresd it but was texting me sayinb that he's to grown for games and i tried knocking on his door he never answerd i told him to come talk to me and he didn't want to i just gave up after that i haveng spoke to him since do u think he's just mad or realy doesn't wanna talk anymore everythinh was good between us untill i did that


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  • For something that just started, I think it ended as quick as it began. It looks like that was a deal breaker. Wouldn't count on him wanting to reconnect anytime soon.

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