Do french fries count as a date or lunch idea?

My co-workers ask me to take them to get some frenchie fries does that count as a date if I go with them alone. I would remember to break to friend barrier and engage in some playful guiding out of work. For instance I would hold the door for them and gently touch their back helping them out. I often do this with Her alone or sometimes with her friends. I always keep a clean and friendly environment.
I think they enjoy my company? What do you think guys? The problem I'm having is deciding if french fries are good enough for lunch. She never really complains about it. Oh by the way she likes to smoke a lot. haha.


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  • Not a date.
    Which do u want to ask out? Ask her to go out after wirk. If she says yes then sure. Get to know her.
    Otherwise, it's just going out doing lunch with co workers...
    French fries is not a variable here.

    • Thanks fir the up vote. U seem very shy. Need to read up on dating

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    • go for it!!

    • Hey, thanks for the MHO...
      How did it go? Date? French fries?

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  • To me, its just a lunch out with co worker lol.

    • Do you want to hang out with your co-worker all the time? or talk about boy friend problems, and let them hold you?

      Don't think so..

    • or talk about boy friend problems, and let them hold you?
      Is the key indicator of deep in the friend zone.

    • @posted I'm not worried about that at all.

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  • They asked you to take them to get some? As in they don't have a car/don't want to pay? Or just to go with them? If they suggest french fries they must like it haha.

    • they don't have a car, they sometimes buy me lunch. I only bought it like once or twice as a nice gesture.

    • Just sounds like coworker stuff honestly, If it was one on one and they were incredibly flirty maybe sort of.

    • eh she wasn't really that flirty. Probably because of some other relationships she has. But, she was on pain killers at work and it really made her lethargic and she found me at break. layed down over the small break table I was sitting at and I was stroking her gently at work and was whispering nice things to her and she didn't say anything or do anything.

      so I left to go back to work didn't want to say too much :\

  • Ummm... I suppose it could be a date, yes. If you're looking to have lunch, then I would suggest an actual full lunch. In other words, don't just get fries. Get a main course and such.