GUYS.. If your girlfriend felt she was pregnant but ignored it and was in denial about it and didn't tell you, would you be pissed or understand?

Like if she missed her period and wouldn't test or do anything about it do you think it matters or like she just didn't tell you about what was going on how would you feel?


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  • I would be pissed as fuck.

    • Can I ask why

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    • Hun, this isn't math. Just because some guys are douches doesn't mean you have to be one. Two negatives don't make a positive when it comes to being a decent human being.

    • I suppose you're right

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  • This isn't something you can just bury your head in the sand and ignore. You either have to see a doctor at some point as this is in the baby's best interest or you need to come up with a plan.

    Guy or girl I would want to know before the 3 month mark.


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  • Periods can often be irregular and the first thought that runs through most girls mind is that they are pregnant. Because of this many women tell them selves that they are just being paranoid and wait for their period. So no if I were you I wouldn't be mad unless it got to the point where she was months without a period. Then I would be mad.

  • At what point in time do you propose telling him then, when you start showing?