Men ESP ones nearing pension age dating younger women, I don't mean 10 years I mean a few decades?

To me that's disgusting, 50 year olds dating women half their age, no fool like an old fool huh?
trying to justify themselves by making out women are bitter I'm sorry we aren't we laugh at you, and the younger ones most definetly laugh themselves silly all the way to the bank!
The same applies to women who date me half their ages as well..
being 30 I've had men nearing 60 and boys around 20 try it on.

Datin someone my dads age no thanks! Dating kids not long out of school definetly no thanks!
I wonder how that makes me bitter?
am I entitled to my opinion on this?
In a few years time if I dated older I'll be wiping throng chins and backsides..

and dating younger well what would someone 10 years plus my junior have to offer me? Stability lol.. don't think so..

so why do people get offended by my opinion?
And with my opinion it was men going crazy by my own opinion- just look at the likes of Johnny depp and Demi Moore on what happens when u date people practically half your age... says enough really..

whats your thoughts on this? Do you think these people are just unrealistically sad?

Sorry I no of no man in his 50s keeping his black hair natural.. black hair on Caucasian or Hispanics etc go grey early.. don't try to kid on to us that that's natural Becos ur a liar pal.. not a very good one!! I know men and women with black or very dark brown hair going grey in their early 20s and most are grey by their 40s.. ur makin urself sadder than when u first started bleatin on... so sad a man in his 50s tryin desperately to cling to his youth while Datin a woman half his age..
Real men have dignity and age.. like everyone else and they laugh louder at men like u.. butt of jokes.. now go away, you complete moron


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  • "To me that's disgusting"
    In other words, you're offended.

    "why do people get offended by my opinion?"
    Because you're taking offense to people, their choices, their sexuality, fundamental components of their being.

    Try it with something else and tell me it doesn't sound offensive: Oh, you're Asian? Oh, you like being a musician? Oh you're an atheist? Oh you like wearing makeup? That's disgusting.


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  • I dont see anything wrong with it. In attracted to older men. I had a fling with my boss once who's fifty and was devastated when he went back to hos wife.


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  • People aren't offended by your opinion, but by the way you express it. You are basically insulting everyone who doesn't fit in your criteria by generalising.

  • some people dont think love should be bound by age, (as long as they are adults that is)

    lol why would i be offended by your opinion? its seems like you are the one who is offended by peoples opinion that dating outside of their age group is not a problem.

  • Nice user name.. How did you come up with that one

    • She must be blind or desperate but nice hair dye job.. Minute u start needing help for the toilet she be off with someone her own age or younger... pathetic

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    • Heh? Aye that be it of course cos old dirty pervs do it for me 😑

    • What I'm doing isn't perven , what your doing is perven. You have no idea what my arrangement is , but through your own admissions , I know what your doing.

  • Yeah.. i think it's disgusting

  • So you admit women just want money and stability?

    • As do men who date people near enough their mums ages...

      I've never dated a man for money.. all men I've dated were just min wage workers and that suited me fine.. I'm a rare find money does nothin for me it don't bring happiness

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  • i tend to date younger but i don't care about age really