So I'm thinking my crush might have a crush on me based on what I've noticed over the last few months?

I've known him for a long time. We've started talking more and more. He talks to me almost everyday. He sends me snapchats almost everyday also now. I've noticed him always replying back to me before he would but he literally replies to everything I send him. He likes to start convocations first for the most part. Even tho I do start some first. He's always trying to get my attention some how. He likes to impress me. He's brought up the girlfriend thing numerous times to me. Asks me personal things. He can get pretty flirtly at times. Seems to me he's thinking about me throughout the day.. Because the amount of snaps I get from him. Which I told him I don't mind him wanting to talk a lot. He told me he'd like talking more to me a bit. I feel like he's really into me or he really likes me a lot.


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  • what is the problem? Looks like a win win situation but just be careful. It could be he is using you pleasure himself especially if he had a break up recently or if he is not happy with his current girlfriend

    • He doesn't have a girlfriend. He's been single for a while.. There must be something there.. There's no problem I was just wondering if he likes me seems he does just not use to him talking this much

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    • I've noticed after I told him I like talking to him he's been more eager to want to talk.. I think before he'd feel like he was bugging me

    • then just go and hug him next time you meet him. You will get the answer when you see him. If he moves away then he is not interested at all. If he held you as well then that would mean he is interested in you too.

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  • What's your question?
    He actually seems interested in you.

    • That's the question lol if he likes me