Girls, help me make sense of this text as im really upset about a girl I been dating?

Working is a priority for me, I can't afford not to work this week. There the only days I can do so needs must. This is what I was saying the other day my life style is pretty hectic and I can't do thing I always want. This is not going work at this moment in time so I think its best if we don't see each other again for a little while instead of keep making false hope. Next month when I go back to uni and then on Im pretty much non existent lol im sorry but I feel the best thing to do is to leave things where they are atm xx

  • She's letting you go because she cares too much
    8% (1)
  • She likes you but can't commit
    33% (4)
  • She doesn't want to see you again
    59% (7)
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  • She likes you but can't commit. Nursing jobs are very, very, VERY demanding of her time and missing clinical time while still in training is unheard of in the medical field. She's going to be extremely busy studying and doing clinical work that she isn't going to be able to pay attention to you in the process. She can't put focus on you right now. She's pushing for a career and doesn't want to string you along waiting while she's working. She's breaking up with you.

  • I voted she likes you but can't. commit but what I really wanted to say was she likes you but is busy and doesn't want to get hurt. Maybe she is using her busy life as an excuse to shelter herself

    • im in pieces atm i said I would make the effort to travel as it's only under an hour, do you think she was just using me?

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    • she did feel bad when i spoke to her on 3rd date, even saying if one of us drove it could work, please more advice would be appreciated?

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