Flirting with a guy after a break up - guys reactions?

So, I had a "fling" with this guy for 3 months & now its been 5 months since we mutually ended it. We were both in bad relationships w/our significant others at the time of our fling but we both felt horrible guilt & ended our fling. We never had sex so it was more emotional (talking, emailing,etc) but we did kiss & hug. We work together so we still see each other a few times a week. Its been hard to get over him. One thing I miss is the flirting we did before we were even in our fling. It was fun and we kind of agreed we needed to stop but I really miss it. I have had to bite my tongue many times and NOT flirt. My question is whether a guy would be turned off if I became a little flirty again? I am not expecting anything more but I do miss that little spark we had. Guys, if you were in another relationship but a girl at work was flirting with you that you did like & had a crush on, how would you feel about it? Would you wish she would stop or would you enjoy it just for the fun of it? I don't want to do anything to upset him. Thanks.


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  • If you play with fire you will get burned. What I'm saying is he probably wanted it to stop because that flirting can lead to something, you guys already kiss so what's next. Maybe people are noticing you guys are extra friendly and he doesn't want it to get to his significant other...maybe

    • Okay, thanks. So, I guess I need to just accept that its better not to flirt anymore. Work will be boring but it always was before I met him anyway :( Thanks for your thoughts.

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