Has my Crush gone off me because his Mom likes me?

My crush & I know each other through our families and have been around each other continuously for the past 3 years.. We had a crush on each this whole time but rarely speak.. It's just a lot of staring etc... at a recent event his mom randomly walked up to me and hugged me & he looked glanced over at us with a kind of pissed of look on his face, I didn't know why he did that so a week later I plucked up the courage & added him on fb.. He accepted & A few weeks after that I told him in a sly way that I like him, I said he makes me nervous. he was really flattered that I told him that but ever since then I feel he's kinda been distant with me.. What did I do? He has an good relationship with his mom so I don't get it?
Also to add his brother liked me yearssssss ago, and hugged me at that event too (even tho my crush didn't see it his bro, friends or cousins might of mentioned it)
I dunno what to make of it.. I didn't hug them, they came up & hugged me.
I could be overthinking here but...




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  • I think that he likes you but he is not sure how to proceed. He knows his mom likes you so that might make him even more shy. The best thing to do is just talk with him. He might not get that him making you nervous means that you like him. If he is your age ask him to hang out somewhere. He can drive himself there. When a guy gets older and his mom is teasing him about a girl. He usually takes it differently than when he was a teen. You can even try getting your mom to ask his mom about his behavoir. Also try not to overthink. I can garentee you that is a awful thing to do. Even when you can't help but do it.

    • Thanks for that.. Another thing if you don't mind answering... Do you find it weird that this guy posts something every single day on fb... But since the day he accepted me he has posted nothing.. That was 2 weeks ago, yet he's still online everyday but hasn't post since I came.. It likes he's froze or something.. I liked his pic & he liked mine. He has 1000s of girls commenting on his posts & as fb friends... I can't shake the feeling that I've made him uncomfortable somehow.

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    • *you could of

    • :) thanks for the follow back.
      True some times waiting is a good idea. Even though most people say rush it that is usually not the best suggestion. I guess she also was probably not sure herself if she wanted to even go there with me. Cause from the look her loud mouthed sister is giving her. I pretty sure she does not know what her sister want either.
      Sorry I should not call her a loud mouth. She is just more verbally outgoing when she is not being shy. But she usually does not hesitate to tease me or her sister.

  • it sounds like he likes u but have no guts to make a move


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