I like him. Does he like me?

Before starting to say "he's not who he is" or "he isn't 15" or something similar, read the caption. We skyped twice. He's not some pedo, I've see his face in some selfies. We follow each other on Instagram. He talks to me about anything and nothing. He's 15 and I'm 14. We are online friends, tho he seems to have secret feelings about me. We have many common interests. I want to get him to visit where I live. But the problem is he lives in New Jersey and I live in Beirut. He even tells me good night and I'm cute (he's seen a selfie I sent). Does he like me? by the way it's all on Instagram DM. I think he does like me, he said: "when I like a girl I hide my feelings".


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  • Sounds like he does like you


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