Girls, Girl keeps looking at me in sad ways and whispering to herself?

me and a girl flirted for months; I noticed quite a few occurances. Constant staring , looking me up and down, dressing up randomly , checking make up when I'm in front of her , looking into my eyes a lot , watching my every move , copying my actions. Then I stopped catching the train as often, she started to look shocked to see me I. e staring at the ground looking sad until she sees me. As time went on she continued to do the Above. But seeming frustrated leaning head on Windows huffing and puffing behind me. I disappeared for months when I came back she continued but started to smile at me and stuff. Then sticking her travel card in my face. Then as I stopped standing near her she would stare from a distance the whole trip check her hair etc make up. And purposely walk past me before our stop. This happened 4 times each time getting more to the point were she eventually said hi and blushed heavily. So I came back 2.5 months later she was with her new boyfriend but looked anxious and embarrassed wen she saw me. I knew that I confused her and this went on for over a year. So I commented on her Facebook photo and said she looked nice. Somehow her boyfriend found out. As I seen her the day after I was buying a ticket she stared and with a huge smile , I ignored it her boyfriend caught her and they appeared on same carriage. She moved closure to me. Her be was looking for a seat and she faced me again looked into my eyes with a huge smile just staring. After making sure her boyfriend wasn't looking. So she faced around after like 10 seconds. Biting and licking her lips trying to not smile. I avoided her boyfriend so he made her block me and stuff so I ignored that as its obv that's for his benefit. 3 days later I sent a message via her work LinkedIn - saying sorry , wasn't intending to cause a problem , was meaning to speak for a while but I was nervous and didn't wanna bother her. I explained I noticed her occurances and couldn't do anything as I was working 100 hour

And during that time I was thinking of speaking and possibly getting to know her. I said don't expect a response. I said I hope maybe we have the chance in the future see you around etc. Then she uploaded a new picture which is weird as her new one isn't professional it's just of her smiling and looking at the screen with that huge grin again like her friend took it o don't know. So any I obv flattered her I know I must of upset her during the year I could tell
1d Once she was holding flowers and looking at me with the cutest smile which made me shy. Anyway now I saw her 3 weeks after as I caught the train and she rests her head on the window , looking really upset and keeps checking were I am and whispering to herself I also avoid sitting near her. She looks at me all the time and looks really upset. So I can't tell what's up as she previously done this when I never made a move. Why does she look at me like this?


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  • You posted this story a while back. Leave her alone. She doesn't want to be bothered. She probably is checking to see if you're still staring at her, yet again.

    • I was thinking about your situation randomly in the car today (don't ask me why). It occurred to me you've been staring at this girl for like what? Over a year now? You've made it obvious that you like her and she'd been throwing signals at you for a long time saying that you can approach her without fear, yet you've done nothing. You're not going to sit down and have a conversation with her. You're not going to try and get to know her. You're not going to ask her out. You've just been sitting there staring at her all this time wondering why she's looking at you instead of approaching her. You're obviously not going to do ANYTHING but watch her from a distance and she's probably tired of it by now. So yeah, missed your chance, leave her alone.

    • True - only at first was I throwing signals, then I started to disappear this is when I noticed every time I re appeared she would still stare. walk past etc grabbing my attention each time getting more and more. untill the last time when she blushed I thought ok ill go back lol and she had a new boyfriend. obv she's cutting me off because of her boyfriend etc blocking me. I see her around and she looks depressed frustrated and always looks around for me. she finally blocked me on linked in because I liked her post. she's being way to serious maybe she thinks im playing around? but i still dont get what the smiling then looking depressed and blocking but not blocking means she didn't block me straight away only because of her boyfriend. then didn't on linkedin after my message then did it all because i liked her post?

    • She done dude.

  • I don't think you should bother with her anyway because she has a boyfriend. Also, she looks bothered by you because you keep staring at her and that makes her feel uncomfortable.

    • I dont stare at her I avoid her

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