I have never kissed a guy before but there is this boy that I really like and I want to kiss him but I have no idea what to do and it is a little scary and advice.


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  • Are you dating this guy? How do you know this guy? You can't just randomly walk up and kiss him, that would be illegal.What is your plan exactly?

    If you're dating this guy then it'll probably happen on its own, naturally and when the time is right. Don't rush those things.

    If you aren't dating this guy, there's nothing wrong with having fantasies, just don't.act on them if you aren't going out with this guy.

    As for "What to do", I presume you're referring to "How to kiss", I don't think it's really possible to describe that, just watch movies and television for a better idea. People kiss on TV and movies all the time.


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