Girls, If a guy confessed his feelings to you then brought you a flower the next day, how would you feel about that?

  • I'd probably get happy, accept the flower, & give him my number if he asked
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  • I'd feel weird around him and keep my distance
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  • I'd think he's a weirdo
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  • I'd think he really likes me a lot
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  • I'd think he's over doing it
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  • if i already know him and had feelings fir him id be happy about it. id act cool but not cold bc i dont like feeling things too intensely to make sure im in control of my feelings.. but id like it.

    if i dont know him i wouldn't really know what to say. 'thank you'?


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What Girls Said 3

  • If I knew him and was open to dating or a relationship, then I would think he likes me and that it was a nice gesture.

    • What if you didn't know him all that well? What if he just showed up and one day called you beautiful, then a week later he gets you a hot pink rose from the flower shop. How would you feel about it?

  • I'd love it

  • I don't know. Depends on how I feel about him.. I wouldn't be mean or hurt his feelings tho, regardless, I would try to be kind hearted.

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