Should I try dating sites again? Am I ready?

I had a crush, but she ended up breaking my heart :(

I tried online dating, but didn't get much luck ( OK Cupid, Tinder, some other apps) (Is POF good?)

It's been like a year... I still have some feelings towards my crush, trying to get over her... but I am a lot better than before... Like 95% over her...

I am unsure if I need to start dating to move on? The last little bit?

Or do I need to be over said girl before trying to date again?

Also I last time I was trying online dating, I felt my confidence go down as I barely talked to any girls and only got one date...

I have really good pictures from travelling, have more knowledge about girls, almost over my crush... So I don't know if I should try again?


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  • You can try online dating, but according to my observations, it wouldn't work for the majority of people. Can't you try widening your circle of acquaintances through your friends?


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