Girls, Can it be made any harder these days?

Straight away I feel like a loser, but what interesting questions do you ask a girl on a dating site? Cause these days, "Hi, how are you" etc is not good enough, been single only a little while. So pleeeeeeaaaasssssssse tell me what is the first thing to say that will be interesting to the new age 2016 girls? Thank you in advance.


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  • I've never been on a dating site but I talk to people online a lot. I usually just ask their favorite color, animal, food, etc then ask what they do or about their family

    • Been down that road and apparently that's not good enough either, thank you anyway.

  • in my case,
    unless a guy's profile sparks me up, if it's just "hi how are you" message I tend to ignore them because I personally feel like it's too awkward.

    I replied to many guys who I didn't really find attractive, and because either they have interesting funny profile/headlines/IDs or they send me messages about something funny and random stuffs.

    Compliment her looks, like her eyes, her smiles (but don't be too much). If she enjoys outdoor activities, ask her about those. Talking about weathers, like random stuffs that can start up a conversation. "Hey how's it going, hey how are you" cannot really lead to a conversation.