Not a normal teenage guy?

We are 2 and a half years apart in age... I was worried about him being older, but now I am not. He has showered me with compliments, never "hot" but simply "look at you", "cute", and "damn". He wants nudes ((he has NEVER asked directly, just implied clearly that he wants them...) but I refuse to give them because "I have my reasons." He always says "I'm not going to force you," or "Okay", or "I wouldn't do anything to hurt you you know" or "I'll wait, then."
Tonight he said, "I wish you could see yourself the way I see you." I don't know what he meant by that...
But am I dreaming, or... what? could someone explain this to me? I'm so confused. As far as I've heard this is not so called "normal" teenage guy behavior.


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  • He likes you. A lot. And he doesn't want you to be insecure about yourself. That is what he meant.

  • It just sounds like he has a crush on you to me, nothing weird there. Do you like him?

    • Well, he actually added me as a friend on Facebook a month ago... we messaged back and forth but because he knows me through my sister, she asked him if he was creeping on me. Then he kinda stopped talking.
      Two weeks ago though he added me on more social media, and asked for my snapchat, so I gave it to him because he has good feedback from my sister (she says he is very honest.)
      And I didn't like him at first but I was like, give it a chance. I did and we are super super alike, it's crazy! And I'm really starting to get feelings for him now.
      But I'm still nervous since I have been warned over and over about f*ckboys. Haha I do not want to be screwed over... Although I do trust him.

    • Just be careful, and if you get a knot in your stomach about anything, do not ignore it. Don't let yourself be pressured to do anything, and make sure he proves himself to you first before trusting him. You will be fine. Hopefully things work out!

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