How to attract highschool girls if?

Your skinny, black, and the majority of girls your around, can tolerate are white.
P. N: I wear glasses too so I get the nerd stereotype a lot!
P. N: I'm not working out any more my arms look fine as long as I'm wearing a smaller shirt
P. N:, we wear uniforms


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  • Uniforms might work to your favor since it puts everyone on an even playing field. Contacts might also help from time to time.

    Next you must be able to get a girl's undivided attention by whatever means you can. It could be admiration, she might think you're really funny, cute, whatever. Tease her, play with her, but not too much. Don't give her too much attention, give her a chance to want you back. When you feel a girl giving you a lot of attention, go for the knock out. Casually ask her out. And if she says "no", whatever, onto the next one!

    Try to make a girl's twat wet. That's the goal. It's the seed of romance even if you're looking for a wife. No wet twat, no wife. The path to a woman's heart goes right through her vagina hole. Same for us, we're not gonna fantasize about marrying a girl if she doesn't get us hard thinking about touching her while she's naked.

    It's all about dicks and twats -- that's the recipe for romance. And twats get wet if you can touch a girl the right way. Even if she doesn't get wet, if she gets curious about you sexually, you're good.

    Then if you get a girl on a date, flirt and charm your way until her guard goes down. Then go for an advance like arm around her, holding hands, kiss, grab her ass, fondle her tits, all of that. All that touching will help make the twat wet, the key is to time it right when she's open to having you do it (that's where all the flirting and charming will help).

    • So how would I go about getting a girl aroused if I was able to get her undivided attention?

    • I don't know how exactly that works from the female mindset but probably if you have her undivided attention, there's at least some mild curiosity there and, if you put the offer to hang out later in a very casual and inviting way, there should be a good chance of her agreeing (if not, no big deal, don't worry about it). Always be prepared to whip up that invitation whenever you find yourself getting a girl in a nice conversation with her undivided attention.

      It's on the date where it helps to turn up the heat, mixing up charming her with playful touching, and from playful touching and charming and bonding to a more sexual kind of advance. You can implant sexual desire in a girl by the way you touch her, just as a girl you might think of as being all right but not that special might do so for you if she started rubbing against you and you felt some nice tits.

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  • Be you and love being you. Someone will come around and love you for you, you don't have to do any special, just be yourself.


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